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Taiwan is a beautiful island located on the southeast of China. The island culture itself is heavily influence by it's neighbors which include China, Japan and other Asian countries. This gives Taiwanese food which draws, heavily Chinese food, a unique but delicious flavor.

Taiwanese sausages are made by mixing pork, liquor, and various spices. Unlike other Chinese sausages, Taiwanese sausages use larger chunks of ground meat, contains no soy, or MSG. Due to a shorter drying process, Taiwanese Sausages also have a chewier, juicer and sweeter taste compared to other sausages.

Taiwanese sausages are one of the most popular street food in Taiwan, often grilled by charcoal and sold on a stick. In Taiwanese household it is cooked via steaming or stir fry with vegetables or rice.

We provides 4 kinds of sausage options for different flavor lovers. If you love spicy food, you must try our Hot and Spicy flavor sausage, the red pepper and pepper corns gives a heat that is pleasant on the tongue and brings a unique flavor not seen before.


Taiwanese Sausages guarantees to provide our customers the healthiest and most original tasting sausages, we use gold medal Kaoliang (Sorghum) Liquor made by the Taiwan's own Kinmen winery. 

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